Phone Phreaking

Just as Hacking quickly became a word meaning "Using Computers for Evil Purposes" and eventually 'Any Evil Use of Technology", the word "Phreak", a play off the spelling of "Phone", has spread majestically out into almost complete meaningless. No doubt the pioneering souls of the 60's and 70's, fascinated with the amazing technical achievements of the telephone system, used the term "Fone Phreak" with a warm pride and conspiratorial air, unable to explain to the general populace what drove them to understand the special tones and codes that could propel their voices together and across the world.

By the 80's, the term Phreak was also fading into a general meaning of "Any evil done with telephones", and ultimately "Any evil done at all using any sort of communications equipment."

Description of the Textfile
BIOCAGENTThe Works of Bioc Agent 003 (Of the Knights of Shadow)
BLUEBOXINGFiles about Blue Boxes (See BOXING)
BOXESA Collection of Box Plans
CANNINGFiles related to interacting with Telephone Company Boxes
CELLULARInformation, Instructions, Articles, and Essays on Cellular Telephony
CODESLists of Non-Working Telephone Access Codes
HOMEPHONESInformation and Files about Home Telephones
NUMBERSLists or Scans of Exchanges, Area Codes, or Wardialing
PAYPHONESFiles about Coin-Operated Telephones (COCOTS)
PHREAKINGIntroductions and Essays on Phreaking Itself
SWITCHESTelephone Switching Systems and Other Phone-Related Hardware
TRASHINGThe Art of Dumpster Diving to Get Information
VOICEMAILVoice Mailboxes and Answering Machines
WIRETAPPINGFiles about Tapping Calls or Intercepting Communications
071scam.txt 2470
A Couple in Sweden Set up a 900-Line Scam (October 24, 1991)
0ainfo.txt 11368
Overview of the BSkyB Byte Codes 3083
How to make a Portable Silver Box by The Phone Phantom
10xxx.txt 9585
A Collection of 10XXX Numbers 2021
Assorted Box Frequencies 3998
How to Blue Box into Russia, by Mark Tabas
175info.txt 3494
The British Phone Users Guide to Service #175 by Z-Note of SiAC (1994)
1aess.tao 22519
The Tao of 1AESS, by DeadKat and Disorder
1aess.txt 4418
1AESS Common Input Msgs
2 8577
Credit Card Fraud
2084.txt 5120
2084: A Phone Odyssey, by Maxwell Smart and The Baron
2600-9-3.txt 144176
2600 Magazine, Autumn 1992 (Transcription)
2600.phk 734
Subscription to 2600 Information
2600d.txt 6059
The Myth of the 2600hz Detector by Jolly Roger
2600dox.txt 28112
The Phrack E911 Affair, from 2600 Magazine
2600dtct.phk 7766
The Myth of the 2600hz Detector (Needs Editing)
2600spng.90 28671
Some articles from the Spring 1990 2600 Magazine
2600stuf 22884
Excerpts from Various Issues of 2600 Magazine, by the Fixer
3-way1.txt 896
How to Build a 3-Way Fone, by Elric of Imrryr, Lunatic Labs
30bucksatt.phk 5705
How to get $30 a day from AT&T
312split.txt 4931
The 312 Split and New 708 Area Code, from Illinois Bell (October 28, 1988)
3rdpart2.txt 10760
3rd Party Fraud Dialing (New Techniques) Part 2 (January 2, 1989 by the Sensei
3waycall.txt 2004
3 Way Calling, by The Mortician
4083.txt 5819
800 Extenders by Type A Maniac of 408 Alliance
800basic.txt 1964
Understanding 800 mhz Cellular Frequencies with a Basic Program, by Jim Carr (July 12, 1991)
800ext.txt 3736
800 Long Distance Carriers and Extenders (August 25, 1987)
90change.fiv 2404
Pinnacle Software's "The Five-Minute Database" Product History
95.txt 2650
Defense Data Network Management Bulletin: Codex Modem Procedures (April 7, 1992)
abbrlist.txt 921
Abbreviations and Acronyms by Asmodeus Rex (Octobet 16, 1986)
abt_acts.txt 19170
Handling Toll Calls Automatically, by James O. Hardy, Dattatraya G. Raj-karne, and Kenneth A. Raschke
acronyms.all 6671
Acronyms by Dial Tone, 4/2/1990
acrylic.txt 3849
Acrylic Box Plans, by The Pimp
advfreak.txt 11919
The Third Cartel Presents: Manuscript III: Field Phreaking II (July, 1988)
ainv.phk 5420
The Anatomy of an Investigation, by Holophax Phreaker
airfone.frq 14753
Air Fone Frequencies, by Leroy Donnelly
alascom.sty 14459
The Alascom Story, from Don Kimberlin (April 1992)
alert.hum 5670
Electronic Survival
alliance.doc 9110
Using Alliance Teleconferencing Systems, by The Trooper
alliance.hac 22737
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Alliance Teleconferncing, by Shadow 2600
alliance.phk 9136
Basic Alliance Teleconferencing, by The Trooper
allianceins.phk 3776
AT&T Alliance Teleconferencing, by L.E. Pirate
allphone.frq 61707
Telephone-Related Frequencies
amexfone.sto 4465
An American Express Phone Story by Chester Holmes from 2600 magazine, March 1986
amexfone.txt 4792
An American Express Phone Story by Chester Holmes (1986)
anac.txt 2706
ANAC Guide for all AC's, by the Predat0r 1991
anar17.txt 3060
Understanding Code-A-Phones
anar26.txt 3681
How to Make an FM Wireless Bug by Johnney Rotten
anar28.txt 10468
Anarchist Phone Pranks Volume 1 by The 0mega & Electronic Rebel 04/03/86
anar29.txt 4944
Anarchist Phone Pranks Volume II. RadioFunkSiel by The 0mega & Electronic Rebel 04/04/86
anar30.txt 11240
Anarchist Phone Pranks Volume III, by The 0mega & Electronic Rebel 04/06/86
anar31.txt 4571
Anarchist Phone Pranks Volume IV, The 700 Club Game by The 0mega, 08/25/86
ani.phk 3432
Automatic Number Identification
ani.rap 682
The ANI Rap by the Cypher
ani.txt 10958
Understanding what ANI is, by Doc's House BBS
ani1.txt 3363
ANI: Automatic Number Identification
anidisc.txt 39193
Postings to the Risks Digest about Automatic Number Identification, compiled by Will Martin (1988)
aniexpl.txt 8637
ANI (Automatic Number Identification) Overview and Explanation
aniinfo.txt 13352
ANI Basic Tutorial, by Hellrat of SIC (March 17, 1991)
anispecs.txt 22386
Specifications for Single-Stage Inband ANI Delivery, from MCI (August 8, 1989)
anthem.phk 735
The Hacker's Anthem, by Cheshire Catalyst
antimod.txt 2751
The Anti-Modem Weapon by Enemy Within
antmodem.txt 2614
The Anti-Modem Weapon by Enemy Within
anyfone.phk 2129
How to Get Anything on Anyone
anyone.txt 2094
How to get anything on anyone by Toxic Tunic
aod.txt 4290
Introduction to Agents of the Deicide (December 18, 1993)
aqua.txt 7188
The Aqua Box
aquabx.txt 7660
The Aqua Box, by Captain Xerox and The Traveler 3314
The United States and Other Regions Area Codes, by Mr. Drago
areacode.txt 5023
A Listing of Area Codes and Locations
art.of.telesear 6008
The Fine Art of Telesearching, by Dragyn
article.009 4110
British Phreaking in 1993
at&t-cmr.txt 4125
AT&T Takes New Steps to Stop Calling Card Fraud (July, 1993)
at&t.nws 7902
An explanation of how the Bell System will break up
at&t25.hac 639
The Official AT&T 25-Pair Color Key for Trunk Cables, by Kingpin
at&tnews 36499
AT&T User's Group San Francisco, CA Newsletter (February, 1988)
at&tnews.16 64303
Bay Area AT&T PC Users Group: Newsletter #16 (May, 1988)
at_tcard.txt 2984
Phreaking AT&T Cards
at_tcode.txt 5240
Hacker Supreme's - Hackers Directory Volume #25 by Ninja Squirrel and Logan - 5 (1986)
atics.txt 6269
The Automated Toll Integrity Checking System (ATICS) by Kludge (February 1, 1991)
atm's.phk 19505
ATM Secret Codes
atmfone.phk 6952
The Evil Secrets of using ATM Phones, by Havok Halcyon
atmosph.txt 5485
The Atompheric Test Site: An overview
atntbust.txt 14879
Mr. X presents Death to the AT&T (With Friends)
attwwiii.txt 5605
When the World Comes Crumbling Down: AT&T and World War III by Professor Falken
australi.txt 10906
The Australian Phone System (By Midnight Caller) (1992)
ax10arch.txt 12699
AXE 10: The Architecture, by Keltic Phr0st
baiq.txt 5499
Revised Listing of Class Codes; Other Recent Notes (February 14, 1992)
basic.of.phreak 6660
Basics of Phone Phreaking I by Long John Silicone (October, 1983)
basics.rmb 17212
Rambug's Hacking Volume 1
basnet.sk8 22760
Basic Networking, by Sk8 the Skinhead
bb_germ.txt 15872
Blue Boxing in Germany, by Dr. Fraud (January, 1996)
beatcid.txt 18768
Beating Caller ID, by The Fixer v1.03 (September 30, 1998)
beattrac 6568
The Best Tracing Mechanisms by Billy Heif (December 2, 1988)
beige1.txt 7293
Beige Box Plans
belhell1.txt 10807
Bell Hell Volume #1 by The Dutchman of Metal Communications
belhell2.txt 16673
Bell Hell Volume #2 by The Dutchman of Metal Communications
bell-h 11710
Bell Hell Volume 1 by The Dutchman of Metal Communications/Neon Knights
bell.hum 3421
The Day Bell System Died, parody by Lauren Weinstein
bell.sec 2828
The Bell Special Intelligence Force
bellatl1.phk 8058
ISDN Information, from Bell Atlantic, Vol.2 Number.3
bellcore.txt 11264
BELLCORE Information by The Mad Phone-man
bellcoreinf.phk 10994
BELLCORE Information by The Mad Phone-man
bellfax.txt 10622
FAQ From Pacific Bell on Several Busts (August 3, 1987) from mr. Spiller
bellhell.1 10809
Bell Hell Volume #1 by The Dutchman of Metal Communications
bellhell.2 16675
Bell Hell Volume #2 by The Ditchman of Metal Communications
bellhell1.hac 10764
Bell Hell Volume #1 By The Dutchman
bellhell2.hac 16630
Bell Hell Volume #2 By The Dutchman
bellinfo.phk 11088
Bell Telephone Info, from The Lost City of Atlantis
bellraid.phk 12502
Guy talking about being raided by Bell Telephone Agents
bellsec.hac 2482
Anecdotal Mention of Bell Telephone's Special Ivestigation Force
bgm_pns.hac 29467
Mish-Mash of Files (Should Probably be split up at some point)
billdist.phk 2259
How the Bell Telephone Company and FCC Calculate Distance
bioc.1 13462
The Book of Bioc from Pirate Trek Systems
black2.txt 2115
Black Box Plans
black3.txt 2955
Black Box Plans
blackfg1.2 4882
Alliance Teleconferencing and Methods of Contacting It by Shadow Lord of 203 and Black Flagg
blacklis.txt 1658
How to Find Out Whether the Phone COmpanies Know That You're Using Cards by TAS and Turbo Brain
blackpag.phk 5587
The Federal Black Pages, by The Line Breaker
blkbx.txt 4583
How to Build a Black Box
blocker.txt 2650
Making Blue Boxing Easier, by Hawk
blstrike.txt 7078
The Bell Walk-Out, by Kid and Company
bluebeep.txt 8557
DOCUMENTATION: Bluebeep (1993)
bluebox.txt 13312
Basic Construction and Operation of the Blue Box, from OSUNY BBS
blv.txt 4529
Busy Line Verification from the Phantom Phreaker
bombcb.txt 4562
Cardboard Tube Bombs
booksabo.pho 4907
Interesting Books on Telephony History (June 8, 1990)
booth 534
Phone Booth Wins Again!
british.txt 12207
The History of British Phreaking by Lex Luthor of LOD
brtphrk.txt 8247
The History of British Phreaking, by Lex Luthor and The Legion of Doom
bsbell1.phk 9252
Bullshitting the Phone Company out of Important Information
bsbell1.txt 12123
Sharp Remob's Guide to Bullshitting the Phone Company out of Important Information
bsif.phk 2736
Bell Special Intelligence Force, by Chris Jones
bt-info.txt 10848
Bell Telephone Info, by Phucked Agent 04
bt_oops.txt 5620
Danger Mouse Warns You that British Telecom is On the Warpath (March 1993) (Includes way too many Tags)
bt_phcrd.txt 4370
How BT Phone Cards Work, by Archaos (June, 1993)
budbx.txt 3411
How to make Your Fone Into a Bud Box by Dr. D-Code and The Pimp
bug.detector 4085
How to Build a Bug Detector by The Gremlin
bugdetector.txt 6779
The Bug Detector by Phoney Phoner and the Skeleton Krew
buggning.txt 10793
Automatic Phone Recorder, by Atomic Punk (May 1, 1989)
bugphone.txt 4631
Automatic Phone Recorder by Atomic Punk (May 1, 1989)
bugroom.txt 32768
How to Bug a Room with a Common or Garden Telephone
bugstaps.txt 1862
How to Tap Someone's Room, by Fireball
bumpbeep.hac 3797
"Bumper Beepers" The Mad Phone-man
bumpbeep.txt 3726
Mobile Tracking Equipment (or Bumper Beepers) by The Mad Phone Man
bust2.lod 8510
Intense probe targets shadowy hackers group with local ties by Kyle Pope (April 15, 1990)
busts.txt 6353
Info About Recent Phreaking Busts, by PAD (Phreakers and Distributors)
busyline.txt 9819
Busy Line Verification, by the Phantom Phreaker
busyring.phk 3414
The BusyRing Device, by MortalSkulD
busyver2.txt 5997
Busy Verification Circuit Part II by The Wizard of the World of Cryton
busyveri.txt 2155
Busy Verification Conference Circuit by Bootleg of the Eline Phreaker's Club
butler.1 17565
An Introduction to the Computer Underground, by The Butler (February 26, 1991)
bxblack.txt 4569
How to Build a Black Box
bxbrown.txt 2449
Brown Box Plans
bxgold.txt 2973
Gold Box Plans, by Sir William
ca.txt 4055
A Collection of American and Canadian Area Codes
cable.phk 22082
Cable TV Pirating by Logic God (January 7, 1986)
call-wai 2500
Sophisticated Modems and Call Waiting, by Patric Townson (December 25, 1987)
call.faq 14475
Frequently Asked Questions about Caller ID v1.1, March 1994
call_800.txt 7851
Call and Tell: An Overview
callattnow.phk 5901
How to Harass AT&T and Let Them Pay, by Tesla
callback.dit 4666
An Overview of the S-VER Verification Callback System, by Tracker
callcard.txt 1734
Card-Reading Public Stations Requirements for the Bell Communications Network
callerid.phk 8797
Creating a Calling line identification (CLID) receiver with ring detector
callerid.txt 8344
Information on the Caller ID to RS-232 Interface
callerid2.txt 17632
Information on CallID.PNT the Caller ID to RS-232 Interface Image
callfree 592
Calling For Free, even if the Dial's Been Removed, by The Informer (1994) 29696
Calling Card Secrets: Card Reading Public Stations Requirements from Bell Communications Research, Inc.
calling.txt 29577
Card-Reading Public Stations Requirements, by Bellcore (Transcription)
callwait.hum 6814
Defeating Call Waiting, from before the *70 days
callwait.txt 2691
The Call Waiting Tap, by The Byte and Road Agent
camilla.txt 13152
The Camillagate Traps
canccall.txt 2931
How to use the Cancel Call-Waiting Feature by John Desmond of Northwestern Bell
card 734
Don't Throw Away That Used Phone Card!
cardnet.txt 7585
Cards and the Networks, from OTG
cardread.txt 15422
Mag Stripe Card Info Summary (Long) 6100
Long Distance Services' Comparable Data Transmission Rates, from Donald Larson (August 1985)
carriers.txt 29157
The Unidentified Carriers by Pirate Communications and Dr. Hugo P. Tolmes
carte_fr.txt 17696
What You Need to Know about Smart Cards and Electronics Phonecards
cartrek.txt 7049
The Bug Detector by Ford Prefect
catcall.txt 18241
DOCUMENTATION: CATCALL Version 3.4 by The Marauder of the Legion of Doom (1990)
catmeow1.bvg 281181
The Cat's Meow: Beer Recipes from the Usenet Homebrew Digest Archives (1991)
catmeow2.bev 448203
The Cat's Meow II, by Mark Stevens and Karl Lutzen (February, 1992)
cau011.txt 3383
FCC Opens Local Phone Market by M.C. Allah (September 18, 1992)
caughtem.phk 7764
Investigative Techniques of Electronic Toll Fraud
celcodez.txt 15702
Cellular Phreaks and Code Dudes by John Markoff (1993)
celfon.94 16230
Cellular Phones in 1994
cell4.phk 20059
Cellular Telephone Phreaking Series #4, What's in a Name?
cell_tv.txt 1941
Cellular Phone Via T.V. (October 26, 1989)
cellfone.txt 180445
Information Cellular Phone Channels and the ECPA (June, 1990)
cellmode.txt 6263
How to Connect Any Cellular Phone to a Modem, by Phantasm (July 8, 1995)
cellphrk.txt 3546
Cellular Phreaking by The Bootlegger by Thirteenth Floor Enterprises (June, 1985)
cellprog.txt 60211
NAME Programming Instructions for 30+ Cellular Telephones by Edison Carter of Network 23
cellular 7214
Phone Cell Satellites
cellular.phk 3626
Cellular Phreaking, by The Bootlegger (June, 1985)
cheese.txt 1030
How to Build and Use a Cheesebox
china7.txt 2008
China InfoFile on Rememberances of US Sprint by Egghead Dude
chinajam.txt 3035
China Phone Jamming Attempted from Cheshire Catalyst (June 15, 1989)
chinatru.txt 1777
Calling 911 With a 2600 Hertz Tone, from The Conflict and Maxwell Smart of CHiNA
chip_01.txt 20940
The Carding/Hacking/Identity/Phreaking Files #1
chip_02.txt 26102
The Carding/Hacking/Identity/Phreaking Files #2
chna2-3.hac 9473
CHiNA Educational InfoFile Series II, # 3
cic2.txt 29483
A List of Carrier Identification Codes by Sam
circlems.phk 11747
Collection of Messages from the Inner Circle BBS
class.phk 6713
CLASS Calling Service, by Chaotic Demon
class.twg 6026
High Tech Phones Ring a Bell with New Touches (January 3, 1985)
classic.hum 3725
Calling Ma Bell: Bring Back Classic Services
clldprts.phk 4433
Called Party Supervision
cna-ref1.txt 2968
The Warped Reality CNA-CNL Listing by Disk Jockey (May 21, 1991)
cna.phk 4452
The Customer Name/Address System
cna.txt 3707
Underground Intelligence Presents the Complete 1988 CNS Listing
cna1.txt 1024
List of CN/A Numbers for 1988
cna4doc.phk 1095
A Few other random CNA Systems
cnadoc.phk 5397
Overview of the Customer Name and Address System
cocot-rl.txt 16918
COCOT Payphones by Count Zero of Renegade Legion (February, 1991)
cocot.trk 2113
COCOTS Which Were Untouchable Are Not More (June 12, 1994)
codes 109734
Collection of COdes from a Phreak Message Base (August, 1989)
codez.txt 949
A Rant About Not Abusing Extenders
codphone.hac 3842
Coda-Phones, by D. T. Legna
codphone.txt 3843
Coda-Phones by D.T. Legna
collage1.phk 24458
Miscellaneous Techniques for the Telecommunications Hobbyist, by The Cruiser
commands.txt 7090
A COSMOS Command Listing
commdict 61309
A Multi-Tech Systems Telecommunications Glossary
commsurv.phk 6370
Communications Surveillance, by Duncan Campbell
comppbx.txt 4841
A Computer-Based Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
concall.phk 4992
The Essense of Teleconferencing, by the Forest Ranger
concall_.txt 4852
Essence of Telephone Conferencing by Forest Ranger
conf.txt 2548
How to Start Your Own Conferences!
confer2.phk 1487
Tom Tone explains Conferencing, Part 2
conferen.ce 1984
Conferincing by The Break Master
conferin.phk 12462
The World of Teleconferencing by Erik Bloodaxe
confinfo.txt 5047
The Essence of Telephone Conferencing by Forest Ranger
confnop.phk 1098
Making Conference Calls.. without a conference phone
confrenc.phk 23067
All You Wanted to Know About Alliance Teleconferencing
confrenc.txt 1808
A Quick Trick to Telephone Conferences
converse.txt 1846
How to List to Phone Conversations from The Prowler and Icecube (August 22, 1989) 2603
The Copper Box, by The Cypher
cordles1.txt 2235
Frequencies for Cordless Phones
cordles2.txt 1868
New Cordless Telephone Frequency Listings (1986)
core.txt 18897
A PBX/Centrex/ACD Directory Listing by Core (August/September 1994)
cosmos.phk 5312
How to Phreak COSMOS
cosmos.txt 6426
List of Different Places Running COSMOS and What Version
cosmoslg.txt 7589
Information on COSMOS Logins by The Warlock and TUC
cosuard.phk 3994
Get Aquainted With COSUARD, by Steve Nuchia
cotrycd.txt 5213
AT&T International Dialing Country Codes by Lock Lifter (February 17, 1985)
countleg.phk 6868
Count Lazlo Nibble Presents -- The Countlegger Table Of Contents 9533
CPID and ANI Developments
cptrredl.txt 4007
Capturing Redial: A Quick and Dirty by Ole Buzzard (January 3, 1996)
cpucrime.phk 2687
Book Review, The Computer Underground by M. Harry
crimson.txt 2493
Crimson Box Plans
csabbs28 80892
The N9CSA PCBoard N.A.B.S.A. BBS System BBS List (January 1, 1991)
ctelec1.txt 45599
Cybertek Electric Issue #1 (December 24, 1995)
ctelec2.txt 41614
Cybertek Electric Issue #2 (January 2, 1996)
ctelec3.txt 49084
Cybertek Electric Issue #3 (February 2, 1996)
ctelec4.txt 55339
Cybertek Electric Issue #4 (July 30, 1996)
cus.ass 3520
CNA By The Master
cycrime0.hac 28434
2600 Articles: The Phrack E911 Affair
darkdige.txt 21538
The Dark Council Digest Issue #1
datapac2.txt 5097
DATAPAC Out-Dial Port Addresses
datapac3.txt 31282
Datapac Serving Area Telephone Exchange List
db001.004 12166
Manuscript II: Field Phreaking (June, 1988)
db001.005 12155
Manuscript III: Field Phreaking II (July, 1988)
decoder.rl 14014
DTMF Tone Decoder by Kingpin of Renegade Legion (Technical Report #8) (February 1992)
delhack.txt 6116
DOCUMENTATION: Deluxe Fone-Code Hacker
deluxe.txt 8104
DOCUMENTATION: Code Thief 3.5 Deluxe by Brew Associates
detail.rpt 9788
Call Detail Report Readings from Frequency Shift
dial21.phk 1408
AT&T Newslines List
dial_ton.mon 16176
The End of the Dial Tone Monopoly, by Donald E. Kimberlin of Telecommunications Network Architects (August 12, 1990)
diallock.txt 1363
Getting around Dial Locks
dialouts.lst 29476
Internet Tymnet List Version 1.0 (January, 1991)
dialplandoc.phk 11329
The Dialing Plan (16 May 1990)
dialplus.txt 4828
PSS Dialplus Listings
divert.phk 3585
Using Diverters by Blitzoid and Galactus
divert.txt 5632
Diverters: What They Are and How to Use Them by Beowulf
diverter 5769
Information File about Diverters
diverter.phk 5818
Diverter Plans from Mavicon M.D.
dlocbx.txt 3355
The DLOC Box by The Dark Lords of Chaos
dr-deal.asc 10174
Meridian Balancing by Use of the Neurophone by Sheldon C. Deal (October 15, 1993)
dtmfdeco.txt 4764
Schematics for a DTMF Decoder by Dispater (1993)
duhpub1.gsm 4665
The Danish Underground Hackers present Public Service Part 1
eaatad.txt 37878
Equal Access and the American Dream by Mark Tabas (July 7, 1985)
easylink.txt 3947
Hacking Easy-Link I by Professor Falken
eavedrop.txt 16821
Electronic Eavesdropper by Circle Lord
elevate.phk 1329
Elevator Phreaking by the Rebel of The Time Lords
elevator.txt 996
Elevator Phreaking, by the Rebel
elevphrk.txt 1327
Elevator Phreaking by The Revel (TTL)
elite 37932
Elite Access: A Tutorial by Lord Digital and Dead Lord of Doom of Legions/H (May 2, 1988)
english.phk 5089
Documentation on the English Language, by The Doktor
eobs.phk 1289
What happened to the "Engineering and Operations in the Bell System" Book?
epadinfo.phk 1048
Multistream Information Report on EPAD
eqacchac.phk 13772
The Equal Access Hacker's Guide
eqauto.txt 2739
Equal Access and Modem Autodialers by Shadow 2600
esconf.txt 4809
The Essence of Telephone Conferencing by Forest Ranger
evanglst.txt 4674
Phun with TV Evangelists by The KneeKap and Calfyow, April 30, 1991
excerpt1.txt 8886
The Telnet Subliminal Message Option (April 1, 1989)
fakephre.bas 4930
BASIC Program for a "System Buster"
faxfun.phk 9327
Fax Machine fun, by The Iocat
faxphr.phk 3057
Fax Machine Fraud, from Telecom Digest
fbi 8684
How the FBI Is Watching Us All The Time
fbi.txt 25298
FBI Digital Telephony (bill text) from Craig Neidorf (June 23, 1992)
fcc.txt 2378
Minimum Line Testing Requirements as set by the FCC, by Dr. Spine (February 16, 1991)
fdr-0050.txt 14877
Under Surveillance: Phone Tapping by The Dark Knight (November 3, 1990)
fed.bbs 26050
List of Federal Bulletin Boards from Compuserve (May 10, 1989)
feds!.phk 4402
The Layman's Guide to Federal Agencies, by Mr. Xerox
fiberopt.txt 4525
Fiber Optics by Celtic Phrost of Hell Phrozen Over ][
fighspri.txt 1374
How to Fight Sprint Security
fmbug.ana 4285
How to make a FM Wireless Bug, by Johnny Rotten
fmbug.txt 4104
How to make an FM Wireless Bug
fone.txt 7134
Basic Telephone and Communication Sabotage by Egyption Love and The Phoenix Phorce
fonecodz 4938
Pick your Toll Call Firm
fonedev.txt 3328
The Conference Caller Hold Button by Anonymous Wizard
fonefrod.txt 3884
More Types of Phone Phraud by Anarchist Cook
fonehac.phk 7553
Phone Hacking by Rat Fink
foneline.hac 5576
How to Connect a disconnected Second Line to the House (Main) Line by The Hooded Man
fonephun.phk 2687
Phun with Fortress Fones from 2600, typed in by Surf Rat
fones.txt 5575
Basic Telephone and Communication Sabotage by The Egyption Lover and The Phoenix Phorce
foneworx.txt 32323
Understanding Telephones, by Julian Macassey (September 1985)
forgery.phk 3820
AT&T Forgery, by The Blue Buccaneer
fp-plist.txt 9171
Helpful Phone List of Electronics Companies and BBSes
fraudcon.txt 16305
Mail/Telephone Fraud Volume 1, by The Outland
freecal.txt 1695
Free Calls by Solo by Solo and Sanoj
freecall.txt 4357
Free Calling from Pay Phones: It's Easier That You Think (August 27, 1990)
freeconf.txt 1970
Free Phone Voice Conferences v1.0 by knight (September 6, 1994)
freegeni.txt 14770
The Information Center Volume 1 Issue 1: Accessing GEnie Free
freemci.txt 3258
Raven Delta Anarchy Presents Free Long Distance from MCI (September, 1992)
frequent.que 14813
Frequently Asked Questions about Caller ID (October 20, 1994)
frymodem.txt 3187
An Anti-Modem Weapon by Enemy Withz, Rewritten by The Silent Trojan
fuckmabe.phk 18680
Some Ways to Fuck Up Ma Bell, by The Traveler
funfreqs.phk 3907
Radio Frequencies of Interest to Telephone Experimenters
funwith7.hac 3927
AT&T Forgery by The Blue Buccaneer
gd.txt 11205
DOCUMENTATION: General Dialer Version 1.0 by Karl Marx (1995)
general.destru2 9272
General Destruction Volume #2 by The Unknown Witness
general.destruc 7227
General Destruction Volume #1 by The Unknown Witness
getcaugt.txt 5472
Anatomy of a Phone Bust: How to Get Caught, by Benjamin Dover, typed by The Researcher
getmail.txt 16387
Hacking GTE Telemail by Master Micro by Underground America
gloss.txt 8831
The Bell Glossary by Mad Marvin
glossary.phk 10306
The Bell Glossary, by Mad Marvin
goldmine.txt 7855
Computer Hackers Tap into phone Gold Bine by David Ashenfelter of the Free Press
golsil.phk 5429
Telecom/Computer Security Bulletin #1, from Dr. Cypher
golsil.txt 5427
Telecom/Computer Security Bulletin by Doctor Cypher and Necrovore
govtbbs.lst 9562
A List of BBSes That Might Be Helpful to Telecom Capable Writers
govtbbs.txt 13262
Selected List of Government Bulletin Board Systems (January 6, 1990)
greenno.txt 7911
Belgium's Green Pages (February 23, 1991)
groupass.phk 1809
An Unusual Telephone Service Call
gte.txt 5376
Information on PCPursuit (August 26, 1985)
gtemsgs.phk 6116
GTE Recordings, by Baby Demon of Shadowbrotherhood and Neon Knights
gterec.txt 6193
GTE Recordings by Baby Demon of Shadow Brotherhood and Neon Knights (February 21, 1986)
guide.npa 35838
The Telecom Digest Guide to North Amrican Area Codes (November 4, 1991)
hack1.phk 10823
Hack and Phreak File #1, by the "Hyaena"
hack1.txt 10752
Hack and Phreak File #1 by The Hyaena
hack2.phk 11463
Hack and Phreak File #2, by the "Hyaena"
hack2.txt 11392
Hack and Phreak File #2 by The Hyaena
hack3.phk 10567
Hack and Phreak File #3, by the "Hyaena"
hack3.txt 4021
Hack and Phreak File #3 by The Hyaena
hack8.txt 12507
Bellcore Information, by the Mad Phone Man
hack9.txt 7537
Network Hacker's Alliance Presents Issue 1: Telephone and Network Related Definitions by MCI Sprinter
hack950.txt 2251
How to Find Local 950's by The Prowler and Icecube (August 22, 1989)
hacker.hnt 4488
Hints to the Game "Hacker". Needs editing/move.
hacker.toolbox 5754
The Hacker's Toolbox by Cyborg
hallmark.txt 13765
10 Dollar Red Box, by Toxic Avenger
headset.txt 5404
Making a Phone Headset by NegativeRage of Hacker's Club/Legions of the Undergound (August 5, 1997)
heirar.phk 4919
Inter-Office Heirarchy in the Phone System by J. Edward Hyde
hhh.txt 13726
The Loop Raper's Killit Handbook, by Hannibal Lecter (1996)
history.npa 11902
The History of Area Splits by Carl Moore (March 18, 1994)
history.phk 4585
The History of Telecommunications, typed in by Knight Lightning
history.txt 5060
The History Lesson, by The Slipped Disk
hmb1.txt 29184
Hacking Ma Bell Part 1 by Spencer Whipple Jr. of Safe Cracker
holdit!.txt 1804
How to Build a Hold Button
homphtip.txt 3398
Some Home Phone Tips from 13th Floor Enterprises
hotel.pho 31628
How to Connect Your Computer to a Hotel Phone by Many People (July 20, 1990)
hotline.phk 3803
Toll Free Hotlines aren't Always What They Seem, from The Cruiser
hotmic.txt 4713
Bugging Any Phone by Some Guy
how950.hac 2309
How to Find Your Local 950's by The Prowler and Icecube
howphone.wor 32158
Understanding Telephones by Julian Macassey (September 1985)
hu4.txt 19952
The Mickey Mouse Guide to Hacking Phreaking Carding by The Dark Lord
ibib.txt 2410
Illinois Bell Information Bulletin
ic.connection 31744
Complete Pirated Apple/IBM Pirated "Pursuitable" BBS List (January 8, 1988)
il.txt 5937
Collection of All Sorts of Hacking/Phreaking/Anarchist Organizations
ill.nfo 9212
NFO: The Information Liberation League
impdtmf.txt 9801
Improved DTMF by Ole Buzzard (November 16, 1993)
incoming.txt 8141
Incoming Trust Service Observing, by the Executioner of the Phoneline Phantoms 1579
Infinity Boxes by Iron Man
info.phk 5307
Miscellaneous Information by The Magician
info1.hac 7190
ESS: Orwell's Prophesy from 2600 Megazine
info2.txt 3584
Project Verify, by Fred Steinbeck
info3.hac 6471
Mail Secrets
info4.hac 6272
Messages around defrauding PC-Pursuit
infoage.phk 10138
Riff Raff Presents "The Information Age": Gathering Facts on People
intlda.phk 4442
Ways to get access to Internation Directory Assistance
ipx1.txt 14661
International Phreakers Xchange Infoletter #1 by Mr. Ferarri (August 12, 1990)
ipxnews1.txt 5864
International Phreakers Exchange presents Phone Fraud by Grim Reaper (August 18, 1990)
isdn.acr 44117
Abbreviations for ISDN and Data Communications (January 28, 1991)
isdn.phk 7130
ISDN Information by Silent Death
it.txt 6806
Introduction to Telecommunications by The Phone Klone (February 1, 1992)
itapac.txt 30074
ItaPac: A Brief Introduction
itsobser.txt 7144
Incoming Trunk Service Observing by The Egocutioner of the PhoneLine Phantoms
itt.hac 5008
A NAPPA Profile on ITT, written by Blind Justice
jackbx.txt 3035
Creating the Jack Box!
lasthack 22144
2084: A Phone Odyssey by Maxwell Smart and The Baron
lasthack.txt 23637
2084: A Phone Odyssey by Maxwell Smart and The Baron
laws.phk 2402
Telecommunications Laws #1, by The Anarchist
lexess.txt 4864
The History of ESS by Lex Luthor (Uppercase) 5162
How to make an In-Use Light from the Night Owl AE (September 24, 1990)
light.phk 5618
How to Make an In-Use Light from the Night Owl AE
lineid.txt 11155
BELLCORE Information, by the Mad phone-Man
lnenoise.phk 3241
Line Noise, and where to start looking to fix it, by Bill Noel
lngdst 4394
Long Distance Companies! Ha! By Phobos
lolie3.txt 10404
The Legion of Lame Information Exchange (1996)
looser.txt 17579
How to Spot a Loser by The Incognito of the 202 Alliance
lostlod.txt 34389
Central Office Operations, Western Electric 1ESS,1AESS by Agent Steal (March, 1990)
lozers.hum 24778
The 1984 Loserlist by The Atom
lw.ani 11388
Introdution to ANI by Lonewolf (May 8th, 1993)
m0dzmen.hum 13738
The Travelling M0dzmen Part II by Dick Cheese and Stu!
mabell 20667
How Ma Bell Works
mabell.hac 3298
A Little Something About Your Phone Company, by Col. Hogan
mabell1.txt 7624
How Ma Bell Works
mabell2.txt 7359
How Ma Bell Works II
mabelode.txt 2224
Reaching the Ma Bell Lode, by Magenta G. and Steve P-C, 1982
macsbug.phk 16936
Macsbug Tricks
mag_card.txt 53477
Card-O-Rama: Magnetic Stripe Technology and Beyond or A Day in the Life of a Flux Reversal by Count Zero (November 9, 1999) 7168
Building a Magenta Box, by The Kez
manfreqs.txt 3762
OK Phreaks: Right Out of a ITT Manual! (Telephone Frequencies)
manifest.phk 3170
The Hacker's Manifesto
mass800.txt 20789
A Massive 800 List Version 2.0 by Garrie Wilson
mastdir.txt 7089
Mastercall Directors, by Talisman of ACU
mci.txt 6994
MCI Code Fun by KiD Fury (1994)
mci1.phk 17998
The MCI Telecommunications Glossary Part I: (A-D)
mci2.phk 16037
The MCI Telecommunications Glossary Part II: (E-H)
mci3.phk 14812
The MCI Telecommunications Glossary Part III: (O-S)
mci4.phk 9001
The MCI Telecommunications Glossary Part IV: (T-W)
mciancro.phk 4092
The MCI Telecommunications Glossary: Acronyms
mcx7700.txt 22074
The MCX7700 PABX System, by Delamo Labz (September 6, 1992)
meetlog 922901
IRC LOG: 2600 IRC Meeting (1994)
mercury.o_g 14408
Mercury 5000 Dialups Access Points by pOm 90 (November, 1995)
metro.txt 4896
Metrofone, by The Phoenix Force
mf-dial.txt 2774
Software: The Multifrequency Dialer (MF-DIAL) by Vic (1992)
mfraud.phk 37494
Mobile Fraud, by Video Vindicator
milbbs.lst 6269
A List of Military BBSes
milnet.phk 29850
Features of the TAC Access Control System
mip1.phk 50179
Mishandled Informention Publication #1, from Fascist Plate
misc.numbers 2485
Miscellaneous Numbers by Redrum and The Insane Assylum
miscinfo 2815
A Primer in Dial-Up Networking
misp65.txt 29415
Card Reading Public Stations Requirements by Bell Communications Research, INC.
mnorsys.txt 11577
The Meridian Norstar Range Advanced Digital Phone Systems from Psyclone/mED
mobilfon.txt 4937
Mobile Phones
modem.noise.fix 8192
Modem Noise Killer (Alpha Version)
modem099.asc 39296
The Telecommunications Dictionary by R. Scott Perry (November 11, 1989)
modemint.txt 4872
How to Connect a Cellfone to a Modem
money019.txt 19208
New AT&T Blue Box Routings by Sleepy (June 7, 1994)
mong2.p80 2304
Mongel's Collection of the Goods
morhaknm.txt 9090
Dialing Into the Library of Congress
moscow.phk 2897
Organization of the Moscow Phone Book
moscow.txt 2816
The Organization of the Moscow Phone Book
motorola.phk 23203
Programming Your Personal or Portable Cellular Telephone (Manual)
motorola.txt 5380
Motorola Users and Programming Guides by Mike Larsen Version 1.1a (March 26, 1995)
mtf.hac 18212
Mail/Telephone Fraud by The Outland
myth2600.txt 6370
The Myth of the 2600hz Detector by Scar Face and Zardoz
nam.txt 7427
What's in a NAM, by The Mad Phone Man
narc6.hac 4537
Nuclear Phreakers Hackers Carders #6: Tracing/ANI Explained, by The Oxidizer (October 14, 1989)
neon.txt 1798
The Neon Box
networks.phk 5604
Inter-net Mail Help!
newsline.txt 1315
AT&T Newslines
newsweek.phk 9247
The Night of the Hackers, with weird, weird opening
nha-001.txt 18240
NetWork Hackers Alliance Issue 1 : "Telepone & NetWork Related Definitions"
nia033.hac 10059
UK Telephone System by Judge Dredd (June 4, 1990)
nia041.hac 5070
The New Area Code 903 (July 6, 1990)
nia048.hac 4896
Illinois Bell Employee Given Bride (August 28, 1990)
no2600.txt 3269
Conferencing Without a 2600hz Tone by The Sultan and King Arthur
norad.txt 4188
North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)
npainfo.txt 4032
Information on New England Telephone Splitting the 617 Area Code
nui 1761
Message about DialCom Access NUA and Sprinting, from The Force
numbers_.txt 2504
Some Fun Places to Call, of course lacking Area Codes and Therefore Useless
nyt.txt 9979
Personal Computer Users Penetrating Nation's Telephone System by John Markoff (1988)
nyteloac.txt 2298
The NY Telephone New Service for Handling Operator Assisted Calls by Colin Plumb
oc.txt 2831
Organized Confusion Issue #3: Introduction (October 1995)
oc001.txt 4525
Organized Confusion Issue #3: Phone Phreak List by Demon Phreaker (October 1995)
oc002.txt 9687
Beating the Phone Company by El Observador (1995)
oc003.txt 8957
Area Codes for The US, Territories, and Canada by Phucking Phreak
oc004.txt 5674
Phreaking Remote Access to Call Forwarding with Pacific Bell by Phucking Phreak
oc006.txt 2765
Terror on Demand: Phun with Fax Machines by Demon Phreaker
ocntable.phk 15160
Quick overview of who handles what calls, based on exchange
odephone.hum 2657
An Ode to The Phone, by Dippy Bird
ohio-dec 87353
The Text of the Ohio Decree on Caller ID (April 7, 1992)
old-ani1.txt 9016
Automatic Number Identification by Doom Prophet and Phantom Phreaker
old-pbx1.txt 7255
Introduction to PBX's by Knight Lightning, January 3, 1986 13680
Old Phreak Postings (June, 1986)
oldmsgs1.txt 16806
The Phreaking Wolfrider by Random Bit (1986)
oldmsgs3.txt 1251
Datapac Information by Muff Diver (February 11, 1987)
optr.txt 943
Some Operator Tricks #1
other.phk 2689
The Hertz of different Telephone Codes
outdial.txt 10259
How to use Outdials: An Introduction by Lorax
outlaw.txt 46463
Outlaw: A User's Manual, by Criminal
overseas.phk 6891
Notes on Overseas Dialing, by Scan Man
p500.phk 6695
Phortune 500 Newsletter, Issue #1
pac_adn.txt 21760
Information on Pacific Bell's Advanced Digital Network
pactrans.txt 6356
The Executioner & The PhoneLine Phantoms present Prefix Access Code Translator
pads.txt 963
Information on EPAD Available in the UK 6906
The Party Box, by Greyhawke of TDK
password.sec 21688
A Case History on Password Security, by Robert Morris (Mr. Internet Worm) and Ken Thompson
payphone.txt 18782
Payphone List by Dr. Hugo P. Tolmes
payphonell.txt 7088
How to Steal Local Calls from Most Payphones by Killer Smurf and Pax Daronicus (August 25, 1987)
payphones 9848
Third Party payphones, by The Jedi
pbcomsys.txt 2890
Pacific Bell Computer Systems
pbx 5249
Understanding PBX Systems by Terminus
pbx-mci.txt 5969
MCI: 1-800-COLLECT Fraud by PBXPhreak
pbxconfe.txt 6210
The Essence of Telephone Conferencing by Forest Ranger
pbxcpe.txt 9674
How the Industry sees PBX's and Security, typed in by Ratfink
pbxhack.phk 6102
Finding, Hacking, and Using PBX's
pcpcodes.phk 8339
PC Pursuit Availability
pcppre.lst 3354
The PC-Pursuit Prefix
peacock.txt 11774
Peacock Timeshare Systems, or "How I Did it and Enjoyed It!" by The Omen
penal.cod 5980
Penal Code Section 502.7: Obtaining Telephone or Telegraph Services by Fraud by Radical Rick
pfpt11.txt 4654
Documentation: Phreak Tools 1.1 by Professor Falken (May 15, 1989)
ph02.txt 3614
Calling Card Hacking by unorthodox Priest (November 6, 1988)
phar-man.txt 3647
Manholes: The True Story by Dopey
phate101.hac 52944
Phreaking Hacking And Terrorism Exterprises Volume 1 Issue 1
phire1.hac 16001
The Phreaking Hackin Informational Recreation Encyclopedia by The Copy Kid/Kid Copy/Jammer D
phire2.hac 16641
Phreakin Hackin Informational Recreation Encyclopedia #2
phkidx.txt 18633
Index to Phracks #1-31 by AREXX
phocardk.txt 1738
Card Cheaters are Stopped Here (The Danish Phone Card Project)
phonbk2.phk 7792
The Phone Book Volume #1 by The Boca Bandit
phonboo1.txt 7789
The Phone Book Volume #1 by The Boca Bandit
phonbook.phk 7404
The Phone Book Volume #2, by The Boca Bandit
phone.txt 4708
The Hacker's Atlas, by The Wyvern
phone_li.ne_ 8534
A Phone Line as a Shortwave Attenda (March 7, 1995)
phone_~1.txt 60062
Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Telephones by Nitro187/CancerR
phonec.txt 5864
Some Techno Information for phone Cabling
phonecir.phk 4805
Handy Telephone Circuits by Eye-No Phonez
phoneopt.txt 2603
Information on Call Control Options by Jake Blues (December 7, 1990)
phonepat.txt 29642
Building and Using Phone Patches by Julian Macassey (October, 1985)
phones 14336
Compuserve Messages about Making Phones
phones.txt 6485
The Phone Phun information Sheet (March 1985)
phoneter 9197
Phone Terms by The Vindicator
phoneter.phk 9177
Phone Terms, by The Vindicator 30831
Understanding Telephones by Julian Macassey (September 1985)
phonfreq.txt 3318
Phone Frequencies by Iceman of the Banana Republic BBS
phongadg.txt 10764
Phone Gadgets: Conference Caller and Hold Button by Anonymous Wizard
phonmods.phk 3201
Un-Ringing the Telephone, by Bug Byter
phonphon.txt 6085
Phone Phun Information Sheet, 1985
phreak1.txt 6786
Solid State Silver Boxes: How to, by Number Six
phreak3.hac 6585
The Hacker's Handbook (Well, maybe the Hacker's Pamphlet)
phreak4.hac 470
Touch Tone Frequency List
phreaktutorial.txt 2667
Phreaking Tutorial, by Sir Francis Drake
phrephon.txt 3396
Free Local Calls
phrknews.phk 5194
Computer theft scheme crashes in Milwaukee
phrkrul.txt 7175
How to Hack Your Own Codes, from the Inner Circle
phun-1.txt 81603
Phreakers Hackers Underground Newsletter Issue #1 (September 30th, 1988)
phun-2.txt 151367
Phreakers Hackers Underground Newsletter Issue #2 (December 14th, 1988)
phunf2n1.txt 5718
Phun Files Volume 2.1 from The Anarchy Society (1988)
pirate2.007 49703
Teleconnect Wants Your Rights
pirate4.010 24349
Pirate Magazine Issue #4: Numbers to Call
pla_000.txt 4747
The Phone Losers Of America File Index (September 10, 1995)
plagmemb.txt 7449
The Official Plague Member's Handbook, by Mad Hacker, 1990
planahea.phk 2680
Planning Ahead, by The Anarchist
plowsky.txt 46128
Newbies Handbook: How to Begin in the World of H/P by Plowsky Phreak 3200
The Poor Man's 2600 Hertz, by Sir Briggs of SCDW
pme_1.txt 89991
Phreaking Made Easier #1 by Cracker Jack
poi-fyi1.txt 6002
Phreaks of the Industry by BiC (February 22, 1995)
poor2600.phk 3083
A Poor Man's 2600 Hertz (Using an Apple II), by Sir Briggs
ppa-2.hac 121252
Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists Newsletter Volume One, Issue Two
ppp-1.hac 8449
Phucking Phield Phreakers Issue #1
ppp-2.hac 21077
Phucking Phield Phreakers Issue #2
ppp1.phk 8731
Phucking Phield Phreakers Volume #1
ppp2.phk 21641
Phucking Phield Phreakers Volume #2
pppr-04.txt 9142
Modem Noise Bomber by The Wizard of Phuck Phreak Productions (February 16, 1991)
pprimer.txt 23943
The Telephone System: A Basic Overview by Evil Incarnate
pps.phk 4258
Your Personal Phone Security (A Telecom Computer Security Bulletin File)
ppwafone.txt 8625
Phucking Pholks With a Fone by Cat-Trax of Hacking Hoodlums
prepaid.txt 25117
An Overview of Prepaid Calling Cards by Teason (1995)
prescan.txt 4311
DOCUMENTATION: ProScan v.046 by Wayforward Technologies (February, 1994)
presfreq.txt 4252
Which White House Circuits Have Been Secured?
privateline.v2n4 113347
Pirvate Line Number #7 (July/August 1995)
prodigy.txt 19258
SOB: Pra-Do-Gee: Or, How to Hack into Prodigy, by Dave S.O.B.
psn-p006.txt 8538
Telephone Hints Part VI from Janx of Poison BBS (December 16, 1992)
psn.intro 43985
The Complete Introductory Guide to Sprintnet and Similar Packet Switched Networks
q_a.txt 13108
Questions and Answers on Long Distance Competition, from BCTel (February 20, 1991)
r&r-ops1.txt 3508
Dealing with the Rate and Route Operator from the Morgue
r&rop.phk 3519
Dealing with the Rate & Route Operator by Fred Steinbeck (TAP #88)
radiopho 4717
Radiophone: information Source for Cellular Telephony, PCS, and Wireless data by Sinister Networks
radohac1.phk 5174
The Basis of Radio Hacking
radohak2.phk 8774
The Basis of Radio Hacking Part II
raidbell.txt 11868
How to Raid Your Local Bell Telephone Repair Station by The Box of Black and ZeroPage (November, 1989)
raidoffi 4629
How to Raid Your Local Central Office by Thief (1989)
rascp1.txt 13934
Routing and System Codes Part I by The Doctor Who (July 10, 1985)
raterout.txt 3338
Dealing with the Rate and Route Operator 1694
DOCUMENTATION: ToneLoc Utilities Phun-Pak v.03
read_dis.txt 4513
DOCUMENTATION: A-Dial: An Autodialer by Cexation (October 13, 1995)
recordn.phk 4480
GTE Recordings, by Baby Demon
release.txt 6211
DOCUMENTATION: ToneLoc Version 1.10 by Minor Threat and Mucho Maas (October 9, 1994)
rem.txt 3956
Information on REMOBs by Infidel and The Boy
remob.phk 2966
The Phreak Chronicles: REMOBS
remobs.phk 4142
REMOBS, by the Infidel
repr.txt 8139
The Rulez of Phreaking by The Ripper (February 5, 1994)
resistordac.phk 1509
You too can make a Digital to Analogue Converter!
reverse.txt 2317
Reverse Phone Directories: An Overview
ringbusy.txt 5210
How To make a Ring-Busy Device by Ditto/Shlomo
rogers.txt 25216
Long Distance Competition? The Telecommunications Workers Union Position Paper on The Rogers/Unitel Application to the CRTC for Permission to Sell Public Long Distance Telephone Service (Fall, 1990)
rolm.hac 19864
An Example of a Rolm System in Action
routing.cod 9020
AT&T BOC Routing Codes
rrg-bill.txt 6148
Third Party Billing by The Gatsby of Rebel's Riting Guild 1991
rsts1.txt 6778
hacking the RSTS/E System Volume I by the White Guardian
rsts2.txt 4516
Inside RSTS/E Volume II by The Maurader
rstshack.txt 5302
Hacking an RSIS System (80 Columns)
sabotage.ana 4736
Telephone and Communication Sabotage
sac-info.txt 10464
Information about SACs, forwarded by 415/510 (With lots of ASCII Graphics)
saniq.txt 16729
IQ Calling Cards, by Havok Halcyon (September 11, 1992)
scan.txt 4728
What is War Dialing? by Bungalow Bill and Dave Ferret
scancode.txt 10516
The IBM Keyboard/Scancode FAQ File, by Richard Steven Walz (June 10, 1994)
scanning.phk 10578
Samurai Cat Presents Scanning: The Art of Non-Selective Intervention
scavenge.txt 32130
DOCUMENTATION: Scavenger-Dialer Version 0.60 by Scavenger
scramble.hac 8976
How to Build a Telephone Scramber by Bloodwing
scramble.txt 8089
How to Build a Telephone Scramber by Bloodwing
scrible.txt 5805
Scribblevision, May 1990
sea2600.mtg 7213
The July 2, 1993 2600 Meeting (Bust)
seatac.txt 1733
The Future of Fortress: The AT&T Public Phone 2000
security.phk 16538
Excerpts from The Phone Book, by J. Edward Hyde
security.txt 12923
A Paper on "The Security of UNIX" by Dennis M. Ritchie
sh-hall.txt 1867
Thank You Hallmark, for Phreaking the Very Best, by SOP
sic-pbxs.txt 29549
The Lost Art of PBX and Extender Hacking, by Madrox (February 24, 1994) 1991
How to Make a Silver Box, by Coruption of Slaves of Pain
silver.txt 2777
Making a Silver Box, by Lex Luther
silvrspy.phk 2257
The World of Silver Spy, 17 Year Old Tinkerer
smartcar.txt 48568
DOCUMENTATION: Telecard/Smartcard Technical Specs and Info by Stphane Bausson Version 1.07 (1995)
smcom.doc 1360
DOCUMENTATION: SMCOM: A Small Communications Utility Program Version 0.2 by John Crouch (March 12, 1991)
sn.phk 42763
Sprintnet U.S. Asynchonous Dial Service (March, 1990)
sn.txt 42692
Sprintnet U.S. Asynchronous Dial Service
snoop.phk 3019
Abstruse Authors of Merca Present: Data Snooping the Right Way by Lee Day
sobcable.ans 991
ANSI Drawing of Cable by S.O.B.
sobcable.txt 7344
SOB: How to Get Free Premium Channels by Dave S.O.B.
sobinet.txt 11273
S.O.B's Guide to the Internet by Syncomm of SOB
sobpbxs.txt 5269
SOB: PBXs- Private Branch Exchange, Your Friend and Mine, by Dave S.O.B.
sobphntp.txt 4290
SOB: How to Tap Someone's Line, by Dave S.O.B.
sobphone.txt 5574
SOB: The Forgotten Art of Phone Patching by Dave S.O.B.
sobpolic.txt 6076
SOB: The Police Radio Codes, by Dave S.O.B.
sobsys75.txt 11841
The SOB Guide to System 75 by Equinox and Dave of SOB
soceng.txt 10752
Sharp REMOB's Guide to Bullshitting the Phone COmpany Out of Important Information
social.txt 16642
Social Engineering: A Way of Life, by Malefactor of [OC]
solictr 4914
What to Say to Telephone Solicitors
sp.phk 57609
IBM PC Voice Mail Card, by Daniel Durbin (March 15, 1989)
spainfrq.txt 1344
How to Call Spain for Free!
spooks.txt 8574
The Day the Spooks Stepped on Ma Bell by Donald E. Kimberlin 13272
Sprintnet Info at Login, by Morrison (December 21, 1991)
sprintinfo.phk 1792
Compter System ID and Password Security Alert!
sstc_g~1.txt 5224
S.S.T.C. LMOS Guidelines by The Trasher 005
starconf.txt 2636
How to Start Your Own Conferences from Black Bart
starlink.phk 27335
Galaxy Starlink Users Guide 3328
The Static Box, by The Usurper and The Raver
step.phk 9190
The Simple Pleasures of a Step Office, from 2600 Magazine (May 1984)
stepfun.phk 2356
Interesting Things to do on Step Lines, by Agrajag
strike.phk 7011
Bell Walk-Out (About the AT&T Strike) by Kid and Company
strinkap.txt 2592
Phreaktoys Series: Stripped-Ink Productions Application for Membership
synd10.phk 11229
The Syndicate Report presents Bell System Common Language Special Service Circuits, Codes, and Definitions
sys75.txt 13567
The Complete Guide to Definity G Series Systems by Scott Simpson (June 18, 1992)
systems1.txt 11053
So What the Hell is ROLM? by Monty Python (January 11, 1986)
systemx.inf 5131
Information on British Telecom's Project X
tacdial.txt 15287
TAC Dialups Sorted by Location (November 26, 1985)
tandem.phk 14240
Tandom Scanning from Tap Issue #50 by Dr. John and Lex Luthor (Lowercase Converted)
tandems 1590
Tandem's, by Forest Ranger of Metal Shop
tap.txt 947
Information on the (Now Defunct) TAP Magazine
tap27.txt 19191
Tap Issue #27 (November 1974) Retyped by The Lineman
tap70.phk 44866
Transcript of TAP Issue #70, by The Aesthetic Individual
tapccp.txt 2414
Randomly Tapping Cellular and Cordless Phones by Doctor Pain (September 5, 1990)
tapfone8.txt 3913
Some Information on Phone Taps
tapphon.txt 7103
How to Listen in on Cordless Telephone Conversations by Beowulf
taps 12390
TAP Excepts from Prime Anarchist Productions
taps.txt 6003
Abou Some Common Phone Taps by Hacker Smith
tapurown.txt 4494
How to Tap Your Own Phone Line, by The Smart-ass Hindering Irritating Timelord
tariffs.txt 2924
Budget and Tariffs (Network Reconfiguation Service, Customized Netsaver, Infopath)
taslingo.txt 8192
TAS Lingo Simplified by Doctor Zerox
tbd.txt 11166
The Bug Detector by Ford Prefect and The Phney Phoner and The Skeleton Krew
tcom0008.txt 12530
The Telecom Post Number 8 (July 11, 1995)
tcom0010.txt 13304
The Telecom Post #10 (July 27, 1995)
tcom0011.txt 14674
The Telecom Post #11 (August 6, 1995)
tcom0012.txt 12837
The Telecom Post #12 (August 14, 1995)
tcsabota.txt 4636
Telephone and Communication Sabotage by The Egyptian Lover of the Phoenix Phorce
tel-scan.txt 2247
TEL-SCAN, The Ultimate Skip Tracing Weapon (February 14, 1994)
telcoeq.txt 3347
General Overview of Some of the Equipment Used by Phone Companies
telcom87.txt 19236
Telcom 1987 Review: Part I by Andrew Hargrave (1987)
telecard.txt 104940
Electronic Telephone Cards: How to Make Your Own!
telecom.txt 215719
The Telecom Digest: A Collection of Telephone and Computer Articles from Various Sources, from the Doc's House BBS (June 1, 1991)
telecoma.phk 69007
Massive Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
telecon2.con 3775
Essence of Telephone Conferencing by Forest Ranger
telefone.txt 3405
Nostalgic Piece on Telephones
telenet.hac 860
PCPursuit Outdial NUAs
telenet.num 4246
A List of Some Major Computer Systems Available from Telenet
telenet.txt 10187
Telenet: The Secret Exposed
telenet2.phk 3550
The Basics of Telenet Part I: Hacking the Data Networks by Frank Roberts
telenet9.txt 13657
Hacker Surpreme: Hackers Directory #14 by The Cartel and Ninja Squirrel
telenetd.txt 10784
Telenet Dialups for the US by The WWWBoard at the HackerZ Hideout
teleneth.txt 5674
Telenet Hacking Volume 1 By Invisible Stalker of Hell's Hackers (January 9, 1987)
telenetx.txt 3039
telephon.txt 1408
The Phone Bomb
telescan.txt 7897
Telenet Scanning
telesear.phk 5892
The Fine Art of Telesearching, by Dragyn
telexrfa.txt 2167
Telex Wireless Information #1
telexrfb.txt 4177
Telex Wireless Information #2
teln2.txt 2696
Telenet Terminal Identifiers
telraids.txt 4393
How to Raid your Local Central Office or Repair Station (Volume II) by Phantom Lord
telstar.txt 11863
TELSTAR: Defined and Labelled, by Dave Shaver
terms 67004
Large Collection of Telephone Definitions
test_kit.txt 7584
The Phone God's Handbook (May 26, 1989)
tester.txt 15291
British Telecom Testing Equiptment Typed by Dosile & Psyclone
testkit 7615
Phone God's Handbook (May 26, 1989)
tg_rg.txt 5336
Telegard and Renegade Hints (Bugs)
tghack.txt 5202
Telegard 2.7 Hack by Hot Keys of The West Coast Syndicate (1992)
thc-scan.txt 45435
DOCUMENTATION: THC-Scan Verison 0.8 by Van Hauser of THC
thief35.txt 31517
DOCUMENTATION: Code Thief Deluxe Revision 3.5 by Brew Associates
thrashma.txt 5174
Trashing Ma Bell by Baby Demon of the Shadow Brotherhood and Neon Knights
tl-ref.txt 11109
DOCUMENTATION: ToneLoc v0.96 Reference Manual by Minor Threat & Mucho Maas
tl-user.txt 32564
DOCUMENTATION: ToneLoc v0.96 by Minor Threat & Mucho Maas
tl.q-a 7298
DOCUMENTATION: ToneLoc v1.10 Troubleshooting and Question and ANswer Manual
tmcprime.txt 6023
The TMC (TeleMarketing Communication) Primer, by Cap'n Crax (December 17, 1986)
tnpcpod.txt 26683
TeleNet PC-Pursuit OutDials & TymNet OutDials Listing by Iaxom (1991)
tollfree.nos 16199
Toll Free Numbers for Computer Products
toneloc.txt 6420
DOCUMENTATION: Comparison between THC-SCAN and ToneLoc
tones.txt 2888
A Ton of Tones from the Phone Losers of America
tp1.phk 1998
Tips on Telephone Privacy I, by Tesla
tp2.phk 2876
Tips on Telephone Privacy II, by Tesla
trace.txt 5368
The Trace: Anatomy and Description
tracing.txt 7736
New Jersey Bell to Test Screening Service That Displays Incoming Calls (1987)
trafic.txt 7861
Efficient Traffic Loading of Telephone Line Groups by jock Mackirdy (1995)
travnet.phk 8060
Exploring Caves on Travelnet
traxtool.txt 13539
The Trax Toolbox Volume #1
triad.6 24762
TRIAD: Issue 6 (May 20,1989)
tru.txt 3465
The TRU System by Janus
tsr8.txt 6816
The Syndicate Report: Bell Information Transmittal No. 8 (November 24, 1986)
tuc-intr.phk 15360
The TKOS Interviews: TUC by Lord Lawless
twotbeb.txt 13430
The World of Telecomferencing by Erik Bloodaxe (Reformatted 80 Column Version)
tymods.txt 27086
TeleNet PC-Pursuit OutDials Compiled and Formatted By Ixom (December 9, 1990)
tympcprl.txt 10316
Tymnet PCP Outdials Version 3.0 by Renegade Legion
u16.phk 2791
Icom U16 Programming
ucn0017.txt 14004
UCN Members Letter from Hackmaster
ultra51.txt 12416
DOCUMENTATION: Ultra-Dial v5.1 by Paul H. Levy (August 10, 1985)
unders~1.txt 31812
Understanding Telephones by Julian Macassey N6ARE (September, 1985)
undpbx.txt 9059
Understanding and Hacking the PBX by The Duelist (October 13, 1989)
undphon1.txt 17031
Understanding the Telephone System from "Understanding Communications Systems" Chapter 6 by Don L. Cannon and Gerard Luecke of Texas Instruments (1984)
unixdial.phk 3719
How to Dial Out on a Unix System
unts.txt 16716
Understanding the Telephone System, by Don L. Cannon and Gerard Luecke (1984)
uphones.txt 30682
Understanding Telephones, by Julian Macassey (September, 1985)
upi02.txt 4211
Computer Ace Guilty after Worm Goes Berserk by The Lost Avenger of UPI (January 30, 1990)
upi03.txt 7281
Phon Calling to the Future by The Lost Avenger of UPI (February 13, 1990)
upi04.txt 3646
Teen Hacker Taps Into Network Send Teachers `Rude' Messages, by The Lost Avenger of UPI (March 2, 1990)
upi06.txt 17960
Music On Hold Adapter (Music Box) by The Lost Avenger of UPI (March 4, 1990)
upifile3.txt 7280
Phone Calling to the Future by The Lost Avenger (1990)
upifile5.txt 3910
Phone Company Update by Tomcat (1990)
usemci.txt 2489
Using MCI Calling Cards by Knight Lightning of the 2600 Club!
using.div 4419
Diverters: What They Are and How to use Them, by Beowulf
ustelecm.txt 3002
A NAPPA Profile on US Telecom, written by Blind Justice of NAP/PA
v5i18.txt 19840
The Teleputing Hotline and Field Computing Source Letter (Volume 5, Number 18) (May 4, 1992)
vehsec.txt 3281
Security of BT Vech Overnight by Inferno of MED & Eltech
vendor.txt 3708
Information for BBS Sysops as Disk Vendors for SP
ventel.hac 6438
Hacking with the Ven-Tel MD212 Plus Modem
verif.phk 6916
Verification, by Fred Steinbeck, TAP Issue #88
verify.asc 6930
Verification, by Fred Steinbeck (October, 1983)
verify.phk 3366
Project Verify, by Fred Steinbeck
verstell.ana 3140
Having Fun with Versatellers 8697
VingCard Evaluation
vmadmin.txt 3010
A Guide to Administration on VMAN Systems, by Sire and Psyclone
voltage.tph 4694
Other phone information: Voltages, Scanning, Etc.
warn0001.txt 1581
A BIG Warning to all Phreakers who call the Penthouse Partylines by Chrome
warvolii.txt 9029
WAR! Volume II by The Spirit of Radio: Attacking from Home
watchem.phk 3635
Watching the Watcher Watching You, by Sir Knight
we_are.poi 1454
Phreaks of the Industry Member List, March 1995
whatsnew.110 6092
DOCUMENTATION: What's New in ToneLoc Version 1.10 (October 9, 1994)
whenucal.phk 2500
The Autodial Proudly Presents What Happens When You Call
winkoeft.hac 14230
Development of an Electronic Toll Collection Service
wiretap.txt 4348
Wire Tapping, by The Ninja Master
workass.txt 5553
A Work Assignment Ticket for the Phone Company (Converted to ASCII)
wrthdave.txt 5350
The Wratch of Dave
x25.txt 109874
The X25 Specification Documentation, by BBN Networks (January 1985)
yelwpage.doc 41281
Frankie's Yellow Pages Volume I by Cult of the Dead Cow by Franken Gibe
zone2.txt 18164
The Phreaking Articles Volume 2, by Black Death (News and Stuff)

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